Corrugated Tuck End Boxes

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Obtain tuck end boxes that meet all practical needs from DS Packaging

Whether it’s a startup or a mature business, all companies need product packaging. Don’t worry, DS Packaging is ready to provide you with practical Packaging needs; We specialize in tuck end boxes, paper tube, as well as cosmetic packaging box.

Tuck end boxes are very useful and extensive in transportation and storage. There are all kinds of boxes in all colors. We are a reputable manufacturer of tuck end boxes. We have long term commercial customers coming to us for custom designed corrugated boxes.

Its structure on the top and a sticky bottom structure at the bottom.

It’s formed from a piece of corrugated cardboard, without separate upper and lower flaps. The one-piece flap can close the carton.

This is the 02 box type of the international standard corrugated box. The 0211 box type is a single-side-inserted carton with upper and lower outer flaps, inserted in the opposite direction, and can only be manually made into a carton.

There are two types of international standard corrugated boxes:

The first category is the International Corrugated Case Association (ICCA) approved by the European Federation of Corrugated Box Manufacturers and the European Solid Board Organization (ESBO) co-developed international corrugated box standards, including More complete box type;

The other is the national standards formulated by Japan and the United States. The International Corrugated Board Association uses 4 to 8 Arabic numeral codes to indicate the box type’s text name (Description).

The first two digits are the box type, and the last two digits are the serial number. Under normal circumstances, the standard box type is used; however, different manufacturers may make partial improvements based on the standard box type as needed to produce a new structure, which is marked with a suffix, such as 0201-2, which is 0201 A certain modification of the box type.

02 box type: the most common tuck end boxes:

1. Tuck end boxes is formed from a piece of corrugated cardboard, without separate upper and lower flaps. The upper and lower flaps on the conjoined body can close the carton.

2. Generally, the die-cut box blanks are connected to the joints by nailing, adhesive or tape in the carton factory.

3. When using tuck end boxes , open the box blank, seal the top and bottom flaps, and shape it into a carton.

4. There are 4 ways of carton forming: manual (M), automatic (A), manual or automatic (M/A), semi-automatic and semi-manual (M+A).

5. Because the box blanks can be folded for transportation, the transportation cost is low; and the flute direction is along the height direction, the compressive strength is high.

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