Face mask packaging box

Key Features:
  • Manufactured from Coated paperboard material.
  • Custom sizes & printing are available for facial mask.
  • Flat pack – Easy assembly & Collapsible for storing.
  • Lots of surface finish made on the box you want

Additional information

Obtain face mask packaging box that meet all practical needs from DS Packaging

Whether it’s a startup or a mature business, all companies need product packaging. But don’t worry, DS Packaging is ready to provide you with practical Packaging needs; We specialize in face mask packaging box, paper tube, as well as other paper packaging.

Reasonable boxes are very useful, and extensive in increated your brand luxury. There are all kinds of boxes in all colors. We are a reputable manufacturer. We have long term commercial customers coming to us for custom designed coated boxes.

Its structure on the top and a sticky bottom structure at the bottom.

It’s formed from a piece of coated paper, without separate upper and lower flaps. The one-piece flap can close the coated box.


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