Handle box

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Leading time

10-15 Workdays


1000 pcs

Paper type

Corrugated Board

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3-5 Working Days



Surface finish

Glossy Lamination

Obtain handle box that meet all practical needs from DS Packaging

Whether it’s a startup or a mature business, all companies need product packaging. Don’t worry, DS Packaging is ready to provide you with practical Packaging needs; We specialize in handle box, paper tube, as well as cosmetic packaging box.

Box with handle are very useful and extensive in transportation and storage. There are all kinds of boxes in all colors. We are a reputable manufacturer of box with handle. We have long term commercial customers coming to us for custom designed mailing boxes.

Its structure on the top and a sticky bottom structure at the bottom.

It is formed from a piece of corrugated cardboard, without separate upper and lower flaps. The one-piece flap can close the carton.


Handle box structure features:

1. A piece of corrugated is folded and glued to the sides to form a tubular box.

2. When using, it is necessary to open the blank of the box, seal the top and bottom flaps, and shape it into a carton.

3. Because the box blanks can be folded for transportation, the transportation cost is low.

4. Since the flute direction is along the height direction, the compressive strength is higher.


Handle box appearance features:

1. While ensuring a beautiful shape, the gift packaging design must also consider whether it can achieve precision, express delivery and mass production.

2. Conducive to manual fast sealing.

3. Choose appropriate packaging materials according to the attributes of the product, the consumer group of the use value box, etc.

4. Make the box-shaped structure reasonable in proportion, rigorous structure, exquisite shape, and focus on the box-shaped form and material.

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